Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 33

Tried to take a picture of the blizzard going on outside my window, didn't work too well. Guess who gets to drive in the blizzard because she has to go to class? Yup. Not quite sure what I'm going to do but I have to go. There's no question. I already know that one of the other girls isn't going because she's sick, and then the second girl said she might not be comfortable driving in the storm. So I might be all by my lonesome tonight. I can do this. I drive a Jeep. It has 4-wheel drive. I don't know how to use the 4-wheel drive but I bet I could figure it out if I had to. Husband has shown me, do you think I remember? Nope. 

Oh, I feel much much better today, but I sound like a monster. Whatever has been affecting me targeted my throat and voice. Everyone kept asking me what was wrong. Come on people. 

I finally went to the after-school program today, I didn't go yesterday or Monday. When I walked down the hall towards the kid some of them came running up to me and gave me hug saying they missed me. It made me feel special. Later I had one boy completely act out and not listen. It got to the point where another teacher walking by took over. I was embarrassed. I should be able to handle a 6 year old even if he is almost as tall as me. Ugh, sometimes I feel very inadequate but I have to remind myself that it wasn't anything that I was doing wrong. I just need to be braver and ask for help.

I read the Hunger Games again and am reading Catching Fire right now. I don't know why I love these books so much but I find myself smiling when they come up with ways to rebel. There is a down side though, I've started to have nightmares where I'm in the arena. Those are no fun. 

Happy Leap Year!

I made it to school in one piece! I even got to use my 4-wheel drive, someone who loves me decided to teach me again, just in case. Now I get to sit here, maybe relax a little bit, and then hope that the snow isn't too bad when it comes to drive home. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 32

Good News: one on my professors liked my paper so much that she wants to use as it an example for future classes. I've never had this happen before

Bad News: I'm still sick, worse even. My ears feel clogged, my throat is beginning to get sore, and my body aches all over. Yuck

Dear Wednesday, please be nice to me and my sickly body

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 31

That's all I have to say about today, and most of yesterday. Want to know how many naps I took today? 5

The worst part? I wasn't able to go see my sister for her birthday.
Happy Birthday you pretty lady you. One day I hope to be as classy as you are

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 29

It's birthday weekend in our family. 
Today is husband's little brother's birthday and Monday is my sister's birthday. We're going to dinner with the in-laws tonight, sister is having a birthday bash at her place also tonight and then Sunday dinner with the family tomorrow. I'm going early to help my Mom make her delicious oriental chicken. I can't wait!

Same sister mentioned above and I went to a middle school girl's basketball game this afternoon. Want to know the final score? 10-11, our team. It was riveting. Because they won that game, it pushed them into the finals but they weren't going to play for another hour and a half. So to kill some time, I treated sister to a birthday pedicure. We made it back just as the first quarter began. We had decided that we were going to do lots of cheers and chants, ones that we learned from going to Utah State University.
 For examples, check out this and this.

Well, things didn't go according to plan. You see, the team we were up against, they were pretty darn good. They were ahead by more than 10 points the entire game. At one point, our fans were chanting "We can't hear you!" and the opponents responded with "Scoreboard, scoreboard." There's no comeback to that. I believe the final score was somewhere around 31-10... might be a little off. My favorite though was the lady sitting behind us kept asking why the girls were crying. This was her first girls basketball experience. All in all, it was a great Saturday afternoon.

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I think I'm going to offer to babysit Tobster more often. We played with dice, smashed some Play-doh, colored pictures, practiced letters, made mac-n-cheese, watched Cars, ate popcorn, jumped on pillows, and made a fort. I kept asking him what the purple die was because he says "purpur" and it cracked me up each time.

We're now off to Ruby River for a birthday celebration!

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm spending my Friday night with this little handsome devil.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 27

Where to begin?
Well for one, it's after 10 p.m. so it's well past my bedtime. Two, I just sent out a power point presentation that I have been working on as a group project to my fellow group members. Here's hoping that they look at it before 4 tomorrow so that we can submit it. Let me just say this, group projects in an online class are the dumbest thing. There, it's out.
I was feverishly working on this power point trying to combine everything from Google docs into another power point presentation so that I could make sure it looked all fancy. It wasn't working. My palms were starting to sweat and my heart was beginning to race. I finally gave the reins over to our friend for help. His suggestion? Download it. It's in Google docs, so all you have to do is download it and save it. 
Well why didn't I think of that? He probably just saved me 2 hours of pure nightmare on Elm street.

Tonight we went to a wedding reception for a friend who is our friend in a circular way. The groom is friends with our close friend (the one I scared), and the bride is best friends with my little sister. It was so so pretty and elegant. I'll admit there are days where I wish husband and I could throw ourselves another reception, just for the heck of it. My memories of my own are a blur, and there wasn't time for dancing, which now I know was a huge mistake but back then we were clueless.

Oh yeah, we have our tickets to Hunger Games.... do you?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 26

I almost lost it today. It got to the point where I was grinding my teeth because I was trying so hard not to say anything. The worst part? I was frustrated with the husband.
Now that I'm out of the situation and have had time to cool off, I know I shouldn't have let it bother me. But I'm human. 
I'm a believer that it's sometimes better not to say anything than to "talk it out." Others might disagree, and before I got married I might have been on the side of you should always talk it out. Tonight is a great example though. I think we avoided a death match by not talking to each other. Now when I get home from school, things will (hopefully) be back to normal. 

Alright, can we talk about The Biggest Loser please? I am sick sick sick of Conda. That girl is driving me crazy. I hate when the seasons are like this. What happened to just doing your best and losing the weight? When the game gets involved, I get frustrated. It makes me want to gain a lot of pounds, go on the show, and teach them how it's done. Do you think anyone has done that? Gain some more so that they can try out for the show? 

As I drove away from the apartment to come to school, I had a strange memory of one of our old neighbors. He was an odd one. You could see his balcony when you pulled into the complex, and more days than not, he was out there doing karate. Those were the best afternoons when I would come home from work and see him up there. He had a long version of a mullet, always had his shirt off, and always had some type of stick with him. It was like the Karate Kid, only ridiculous. 

Well, I'm sitting in class, and so far I'm the only one. Please please please let it stay this way. Remember how I had to do that suicide role play? Well, my partner and I were talking afterwards, and not only is she pregnant, but she is having a home birth. A home birth!! To me, that is so scary but she seems so calm about it. Her mother-in-law is a part time midwife so that's why they are having a home birth, it's going to be free. So in that aspect, pretty awesome. The other aspect, not so awesome, at least in my mind.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 25

I am pooped. 

This morning I felt a little tickle in the back of my throat which isn't a good sign. I can't afford to get sick these days, too much going on. All I really want to do right now is go soak in a hot bubble bath. Sounds luxurious. 

I finished the book Water for Elephants last night. I enjoyed it and yes, I had been warned about the naughty parts. I want to rent the movie now and compare. I've been wanting to go see a movie, there are too many to choose from. I always hear mixed reviews so I need to just pick one on my own. Maybe I'll just wait until Hunger Games come out. Husband is beyond excited for Act of Valor which I believe comes out this weekend. Pretty sure he's already made a date with his best friend (not me, which is more than fine) to go see it.

So for the past couple of weeks husband and I have been eating chicken and potatoes every night for dinner, besides weekends. Well, we're switching it up! I have started to buy sweet potatoes and husband mixes them with a little butter and pecans. They are heaven, heaven I tell you! Good thing we only make one a night because pretty sure I could eat them all by myself. He's a pretty good cook, I'll admit it. Too bad he doesn't have more time to do it. 

Oh, and I can't forget a shout out to my sweet nephew
Happy Birthday to this handsome boy today!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 24

Today was slow at work, but that's what happens when it's a holiday for everyone else.
So, to pass some time, I had my boss get me a copy of the surveillance video from when I scared my friend. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. 

Because it was so slow, I left early and headed to Planet Play for my nephew's birthday party. He's turning 5 tomorrow... 5!! They are getting too big too fast. Planet Play, well, it was fun but the place ran out of cards and you needed those cards to play certain things. So, that wasn't great. It was also loud and crazy, but what can you expect. The mini golf was pretty cool, other than the dad and son behind us couldn't wait their turn. Sheesh people, learn some patience. However, if you're a child under the age of 10, it's probably the greatest place in Draper.

Best part of my day though was after Planet Play when my brother, his wife, and little boy came to hang out for a bit. It's nice having company in a little empty apartment.

Day 23

Today was supposed to be a productive day in the homework department, it wasn't.
 I set my alarm to wake up nice and early so that I could chug out some assignments before church. My snooze is set for 10 minute increments and I was planning on hitting it a couple of times anyway. Well, I ended up hitting that snooze button for 2 hours! So every 10 minutes in that 2 hour time frame, I had a dream, and it wasn't a continuation of the dream I was already having. They were all new. I can vaguely remember some of them but I remember waking up being frustrated that I had done that, and amazed that I had just dreamed about 20 different dreams. It was great.

Church was fun, well it's usually fun because I'm in the Primary, but today was different because I didn't teach anything. The new presidency had put together a "thank-you" activity for the previous presidency and they had asked to do this during my singing time. I was more than happy to let them interrupt so while they were pulling kids back every now and then, the rest of us just played games and sang fun songs like Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. It was awesome! I might have more days like this because for one, I didn't have to care if they were memorizing or paying attention.

After church was when I got down to business. I put in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and started to type my little heart out. It was only a 2 page paper, but it took me close to an hour to get it right. The instructions were vague so I kept re-reading them to make sure I had covered everything. Haven't seen a score yet but as long as I get over 85% I'll be happy. 

Later that night husband and I were at his Dad's house and we were able to watch The Celebrity Apprentice and start our tradition over. It's fun watching it with his family because they laugh with me when people freak out. Last season, I thought they were going to pass out from laughing when Meatloaf wigged out at Gary Busey. They still talk about it.

Hope you all have a nice day off tomorrow while husband and I go to work. Yeah, aren't you jealous? But as husband says, "the cows don't know it's a holiday" (he hauls milk)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 22

What a day.
Part time handball, part time cleaning, some catching up on TV shows, and now I'm patiently waiting for husband to get home so that we can get some dinner and watch Alcatraz. 

My brother played in the handball tournament today and ended up making it to the finals! He played really well and received second place. If you haven't watched handball, think racquet ball only playing with your hands and with a smaller ball. There was also a big time pro championship going on at the same time. It was amazing to watch. So many kill shots and such quick movements. 

Wow, I thought this day would have a lot more to write about but I'm drawing a blank. So I'll leave you with this. Have you watched Project Runway All Stars? It's the first time that I've seen it but I can not stand the model host. Wasn't Heidi Klum on the other seasons? Hmm, I don't know. I just have a hard time with her. I am absolutely impressed though with what these people come up with. I'm not creative in any way so watching these types of shows inspire me, kind of.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 21

I"m heading to a Bridal Shower in a few minutes so this might be cut short and.... yup, my faithful sister just called and she's on her way. We're headed to Logan to see our baby sister because she is throwing the shower. I'm excited, I haven't been to a "fun" bridal shower in awhile. I'm more excited to spend an hour and a half with my sister gabbing it up. 

Husband and I have been watching the old seasons of The Office lately, I love the old seasons. They make me laugh so hard. I need to get caught up on the newer season that I got for my birthday. I wanted to post some funny line but of course I can't think of a good one right now. But the whole Jim and Dwight relationship, the Christmas goose, Andy punching the hole in the wall, and so on and so forth.

Oh, husband and best friend (the one I scared) are going to Buffalo Bill's Wing place, can't remember the right now. They love it and I don't, so it works out great that they're going there while I'm going to play with the ladies. What do you guys think about wings? I'm on the fence, I have to be in the mood for chicken wings, and the last time we went to Buffalo Bill's I was not in the mood. 

Well, have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 20

I'm a horrible volunteer at the after-school program. The kids don't take me seriously, even when I use my angry voice. The worst part is, sometimes I find them hilarious when they're being naughty so I have to use every muscle in my face to not laugh. Ugh. Good think I have a break for a few days to muster up my courage again. I'm just going to say it was an off day. Yesterday one little girl asked "How do you get your hair so straight?" She's Hispanic and has long, beautiful curly hair. I tried to answer with a matter-of-fact way but I couldn't resist smiling.

Sometimes I wonder what these kids have as their home life. I think about this because of certain instances that have happened. One boy showed me his new shoes and it was obvious how excited he was, but it was also obvious that his shoes were not new. Then today, one girl asked me if my mom and dad ever fight. I just wonder sometimes.

Last night was my role-play for my suicide kit. It was slightly weird but mostly because it was just me and my classmate "pretending." As she was pretending to be the client, she started to tell me that thinking about cutting chicken's heads off made her feel better. How do you respond to that? I responded by putting my head down and taking long, deep breaths before moving on. I think I might fail when we have to do a role-play in front of the whole class. I just get the giggles too much.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 19

Confession time:
I like cookie dough. I blame it on my dad. That's not my confession. The confession is this: I have eaten a lot of cookie dough this week. A lot. It's the only thing that has gotten me through the past few days. What was meant to be a fun cooking activity with my nephews turned into me stuffing my face. Husband is not going to be happy if he ever finds out. He doesn't like it when I eat cookie dough. He likes to point out that right on the package it says "do not consume raw cookie dough".

On another note, I have class tonight and I'm actually going this week. I have to. We have to take a test and do a role-play assignment. It's going to be magical. My partner and I have to role-play a therapist and a suicidal client, then switch places. Just so you know, this is a Family Therapy class so it all makes sense. I'm a little nervous about the test though. There are essay questions, multiple-choice, and then a model to fill out using one of our own experiences in a crisis. The instructor said he estimates it will take 60-90 minutes. Here's the thing, I'm a fast test taker. Not because I know the material, but because I don't like to sit and ponder. If I know it, I know it. If I don't, then I move on. I'm usually the first one done and sometimes in the past, I would purposely sit and start at my paper for as long as it took so that I wouldn't be the first one done. Can't explain, I just hate tests and like to get done. I guess it's as simple as that. 

Remember my funny story from yesterday? Here's the picture: look at how his hands are in the air and his hat is about to fall off his head. Too funny

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 18

Happy Valentines Day!
Want to know what I got? First, a dozen roses from my "secret admirer" who ended up being my husband. The trick was funny, but I didn't like that everyone knew about it. At the after-school program one boy gave me an eraser, and another gave me rose quartz. Pretty awesome if you ask me.
Did you get anything special or fun? Do you have special plans?

Side note: totally scared my friend at work today. I have a proof in a still-frame picture. How do I have this? Oh, just because the whole thing was captured on our security camera. I loved it. He didn't. Especially since the word got out and everyone wanted to watch it. He told me to "watch my back." Yikes. That's quite the threat the more I think about it. Thinking about the whole thing now makes me laugh again. He was so scared. 

Remember how yesterday I turned in the wrong assignment? Well, I did it again. I had to turn in a time log and for some reason when I attached it, all my entries disappeared so it was blank. Nice. Read another email, replied with another sorry, attached the file again, haven't heard back. Please oh please let me get full credit. 

Do you think it's too early to make a countdown chain for my Disneyland trip in May?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 17

I am thanking my lucky stars tonight. 
I received an email from one of my instructors informing me that I had turned in the wrong assignment for the last portion of my research project. My heart instantly started fluttering. She asked if I would please submit the correct assignment. By some sheer luck, I saw the email 10 minutes after she sent it so I was able to turn around and reply with the correct assignment. I got 100%. Trust me, I fully understand that she could have easily given me a 0 for being a being idiot. I think she is the nicest teacher I've ever had. So to you, I say thank you.

I also got in touch with another sweet teacher who is letting me come and teach my outline to her night class. I can't even begin to describe how nice it is to have that planned already even though it's not due for another month. My madre really pulled through on this one by giving me the perfect contact. She and my dad have saved me from going loony this semester. They constantly tell me that I'm doing a great job, then they help me get some of my major assignments taken care of. I love them.

The picture is of my dad and one of my nephews. It is one of my all time favorites.

Day 16

Sundays need to be at least 5 hours longer. I woke up early to try and squeeze in some homework before church.  I succeeded but was late to church and missed some big announcements. Our Primary presidency was released which means the new presidency will start next week. I'm a little bit nervous because I still feel new to my calling and feel that I need all the help I can get. Who am I going to ask now to answer all my questions? It's going to be a big learning experience for all of us. The ladies who make up the new presidency are so sweet though so it'll be fun to get to know them better. We had a little boy the other week scream "I hate Primary!" I had to turn my head because I was laughing so hard. Sometimes I feel the same way, especially when I'm unprepared and have to somehow fill 30 minutes. Sheesh.

After church I popped in a Harry Potter movie and finished homework. I also took a test and got 85%. I thought, "I can do better than that" and I'm allowed 2 chances so I went for it. Guess what I got? 85%. Ugh, what a waste of my time. 

In brighter, stranger news, it snowed! I opened the blinds and couldn't believe my eyes. Of course nothing stuck and it soon turned to rain, but for a little while there was actually white stuff. This winter has been so abnormal. It's such a trick to look outside and see bright sun but then walk out there and freeze. Just snow already!

Day 15

My day was CR-A-ZY
It started with me waking up at 6:30 (on a Saturday, who does that?) and showering then going grocery shopping. It was pretty dang nice to have Wal-Mart almost to myself besides the workers. I then made the trek to my parents because my 3 nephews needed tending while the grandparents went to their obligations. I picked the 3 monkeys up and we drove to another Wal-Mart to get lunchables for lunch. Turns out, grandma had already made plans for lunch. Oops. I was over there for 11 hours. 11!! It was so fun and so exhausting at the same time. My favorite part was when we had quiet time. I cherished those 40 minutes of peace. I even got some homework in. Then the madness began again. The mama to these boys is one who expecting a baby in August. All boys are wishing for a baby sister. If that baby is a girl, she's going to be one tough sister.

We tried to go to Airborne, which is a trampoline/foam pit/mad house. We were standing in line, had the waivers ready, when I overheard that they were at their capacity and couldn't take any more kids for at least 20 more minutes. Do they not realize how hard it would be a 6, 3, and 2 year old to stand and watch others playing for that long? The grandparents and I gently explained that we couldn't stay anymore and coaxed the monkeys out by saying we'll get a Jamba Juice and go to the park. It turned out to be so much cooler than the trampoline place.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 14

Friday couldn't have come sooner. 
I had had it at work. The stress of that place combined with school is enough to send me to isolation just so that I can have peace and quiet. I thought that after I turned in my 15 page research paper I would have some down time in this whole school area. Turns out I was dead wrong. I have a paper due Sunday that I haven't started. Probably won't start until Sunday. Cheers.

Friday afternoon I went shooting with husband and his best friend. I'll just get it out there, I'm afraid of guns. I blame it on never being around them until after I got married. My first experience with guns was in the desert with 6 boys shooting all at once at targets, then badgering me to come shoot one. I kept telling them "no thanks" or "maybe later" but they kept pushing. It resulted with me crying and sitting in the truck. Sure I felt dumb afterwards but in the moment I was ready to freak out on someone. I've gotten better since that day and can proudly say I've shot some guns. Friday was just a fun outing for me though, the boys were practicing because they are taking a Hunter's Safety class Saturday. I killed the time by jumping, twirling, and kicking my legs to stay warm. Later that night, I found a shell casing in my boot. I guess the little guy wanted to come home with us.

We also caught up on "Alcatraz". I can't get enough of that show. My favorite though is that we still don't call the characters by their show names. To us they are  Dr. Grant, Hurley, and Blondie. 
Dr. Grant = handsome in a way I can't describe

Day 13

Whew, Wednesday night was rough for me.
I didn't go to class.  I know I know, shame on me, but I desperately needed a night off to relax and go to bed early. Lucky for me though, I ended up getting the worst heart burn. I don't get heart burn but after looking it up online I'm pretty sure that's what I was experiencing. I drank some milk because I had heard from someone somewhere that it helps. It didn't. I later found out that it can make it worse. So I went back to the Internet to find a remedy because I don't stock Tums. I read that drinking hot water with baking soda mixed in can help so I tried it. It seemed to work, not as fast as I was hoping, but it did go away. Later, I stubbed my toe, hard. I'm surprised I didn't cry, I just laid there in the fetal position for a good 5 minutes before summoning the courage to finish my trek to the kitchen. I really thought it was broken but it's not so yeah for me.
After all the excitement I went to bed at 9:30. It was marvelous.

Remember the exciting news I found out about the other day? I can finally talk about it in the open because the secret is out! Both my sister-in-laws on my side of the family are pregnant! One told us Super Bowl Sunday, and the other was going to tell us that same day but held back since the first one announced her pregnancy. They are only 3 weeks apart so it's going to be baby-tastic! Husband's sister is also pregnant so right now, every sister-in-law I have is pregnant. Pretty crazy. Due dates are March 31, August 29, and September 14. Every time I think about it I get so excited. We know the one due in March is having a girl, and the other two due this Fall only have boys so it's going to interesting to see if they get boys again or if someone pops out the first granddaughter on that side.

This definitely reinforces my desire to have kids but it's so hard right now with the timing of life. I'm trying to finish school, husband is trying to decide what to do for a career, we don't have two bedrooms, and on and on. So many reasons not to but I'm crossing my fingers that by the end of the year we'll have our own exciting news to share.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 12

I am craving sushi and pizza. What a combo. 
I also don't want to go to class tonight. It's raining. I want to put on pajamas, wrap up in a blanket and watch a movie. It's been a long day. The first graders were a handful at the after-school program. Sometimes I wonder if they're hearing "yes" when I'm saying "stop." It's hard at times but I have to remind myself that they're little and allowed to wiggle sometimes. 

Tonight they are re-lighting the Olympic torch in Salt Lake City to mark the 10 year anniversary. I'm watching the news while typing this. Truthfully I don't remember a whole lot from then. I do remember that we got out of school early so that we could watch the runner with the flame run down the street. Turns out, in our area, there wasn't a runner. It was a truck with the flame in the bed. People were so mad. It's a little sad that that is my main memory of the Olympics. 

Hmm, the longer I sit here the harder it's becoming to convince myself to go to class.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 11

Today I was told some VERY exciting news but I was sworn to secrecy. I am a really good at keeping secrets, unless they're exciting, then it's really hard to not shout it with my loudest, happiest voice. Hopefully it'll come out in the next couple of days because I don't know if I can handle this!

Husband and I made breakfast for dinner last night. It was so good. We found leftover Eggos' in our freezer and that sparked the idea. Unfortunately the Eggos' were not tasty so we resorted to eggs and toast. It was heaven. I wish we could have breakfast every night. I could go for some french toast right now. Tonight it's back to the routine of chicken and potatoes. Blah. 

Today at the after-school program we read about animals who help us. We talked about chickens because they give us eggs, cows because they give us milk, bees because they give us honey. and so on and so on. It ended with "You have a horse. We like you." We talked about how horses can help people by letting people ride them in the mountains where it's hard to walk. One boy asked if the horses got cold in the mountains. Another boy answered with, "No, they don't, because they have all the feathers that cover them." I wonder if he was thinking of a hippogriff?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 10

If you don't live in Utah, this story might not affect you as badly. It still has made national news and is so tragic that I'm sure it will make you feel something. 
Click HERE for the main story
I literally gasped when I saw the headline yesterday afternoon. I wanted to cry for the family who lost their daughter 2 years ago and have now lost their 2 grandsons. I can't imagine the sorrow they must be feeling. Many are saying that the truth behind Susan's disappearance died with Josh, but I have faith in the WVC police department. I know they want justice brought just as much as everyone else. 
I am so grateful that I have the knowledge of families being together after death. I believe that we will see our loved ones again. We can and will be together forever. If you want to know more about the blessing of being with family forever, please visit this WEBSITE

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 9

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl today? Who are you rooting for?
I like watching football but I haven't been following the NFL so I don't have a team right now. I'm mostly going to be eating my heart out this afternoon.
Happy Super Bowl commercial watching!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 8

I loved today.
I woke up early and went to the gym where I spent my time on the elliptical. It was rough but I felt so good afterwards. I then got some errands done because I had somewhere I needed to be. The train show. I have a certain nephew who loves trains. This obsession was born because my dad also loves trains and is constantly watching train videos online. Sounds boring but it was really fun. Little nephew had so much fun. He got to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine, saw lots of trains going over bridges and into tunnels, plus he got a free toy train. We then went to Guadalahonky's for lunch where I had a delicious, greasy, quesadilla. Oh so good. 

On an exciting note, husband and I bought plane tickets last night for Disneyland! They had gone up in price since last week so I'm not too happy about that. But in my mind, since the tickets are paid for, we have to go no matter what. So if you're wondering what I'll be doing on May 15, I'll be playing at the happiest place on earth.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 7

I almost got into an accident on my way to work this morning. I think I can honestly say it was the scariest thing I've dealt with in the past 5 years. I instantly started to cry and didn't stop until an hour or so later. It really rattled me. As I kept replaying everything in my head, I soon realized that my crying wasn't from my fear, but from how I had reacted. When the car to my right suddenly came into my lane next to me, I reacted by swerving into the lane to my left. Luckily, thankfully, words can't describe, no one was there when I swerved. I didn't even look, I just turned the steering wheel. Hard. 
What if someone had been there?
What if I had hit them? 
What if I had really hurt them?
I know it's not wise to dwell on the "what ifs" but each time I did, a new wave of tears would come. I am so so grateful that my Heavenly Father was watching over me this morning. I am grateful that I saw the car coming to my lane. I'm grateful that no one was to my left when I swerved. I'm grateful that I have a sweet man to call while sobbing who won't judge me but tell me it's all alright. To the person who pulled in my lane, I'm not mad at you. You taught me a valuable lesson today. Next time, which hopefully there won't be, I will stay in my lane and let you hit me.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 6

I had two kids hug me today when I got to the after-school program. It was just what  I needed. I felt like a zombie who had been struck by lightning today. I should probably plan on feeling this way every Thursday until the semester ends. Here's to tomorrow being Friday.

To help me get through the next few months of pure craziness, I have some items that I'm looking forward to. It's good to constantly write them down because then it reminds me that I am one day closer. 

1. Super Bowl Sunday
2. Date night with my man at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Park City
3. Hunger Games Movie
4. Graduation Fair
5. Spring Break
6. St. George 1/2 Marathon (not running, just tagging along)
7. Graduation
8. Disneyland

I would say I have a lot to look forward to, wouldn't you?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 5

Incredibly busy day so this post will be super short.
Here is how my day will have played out by the time I get to bed: work (7-4), after-school program (4:15-5:30), home (5:35-5:45), library, gym(6-6:30), home (6:30-7:30), class (8-10:30), and finally home again. Seems worse when I write it down. The best part is that I wouldn't change it right now.

And now to leave you with a very important anti-bullying message from a middle school student