Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 4

My heart is full today. 
Two things happened that have probably changed me as a person. The first is that today, was my first day as a volunteer at an after-school program. I initially signed up because for my Senior Project I need to log 30+ hours of volunteer work at an organization. I feel very fortunate that I have the chance to work with these awesome first graders every afternoon for an hour. They were so sweet and so receptive to my help. I sat next to one little boy through the whole activity because he had some wiggles that were taking over. I loved it though, even if he was being rowdy. I found out after the class that some of the factors to his misbehavior might have to do with the recent development of his mom leaving him. He is in the first grade and his mom has left him. Tears filled my eyes and my heart just ached for him. I think tomorrow I will be even more loving and understanding.

The second thing is I was directed to this blog from another amazing blog. I cried and cried for this sweet family. How this mama is staying so strong, I don't know. She is such an example to me of taking it one day at time and seeing the sunshine behind the thunderstorm. There is a link to the left hand side if you feel you can donate and help this family get back on their feet. They definitely deserve it.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 3

It was one of those days where you have so much to do but not enough time. I had big plans today, they mostly consisted of doing homework but still, it was going to be productive. That changed when I found out that a new girl was hired at work. It became my new duty to help her, which I loved, but it took up all that time I had planned for myself. Sigh. Now I'm left to play catch up which means I won't have time to watch all my TV shows tonight. Has anyone else caught on to the new show on Fox, "Alcatraz"? It's part "Lost" part "24" and me and the man are loving it. We were major "Lost" nerds so it shouldn't be too surprising. 

I came home pumped to go to the gym only to find that I had forgotten to wash my clothes. My man suggested that I hurry and throw them in the washer then go later tonight. Yeah right, my motivation was long gone. I think it's against my personal law to go the gym after 5:00 PM, especially after working all day. 

We have a major blessing to count today. We had to register our Pig (which is a our two-door little car) because the safety and emissions are due tomorrow. Well, right as my man was done and pulling out of the shop, the check engine light turned on. Ha! So thank you Pig for waiting until after we had registered you to let us know that you might be sick. You saved us some major headache.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 2

Sundays are some of my favorite days, Fridays and Saturdays are in that list too. Sunday is when my life becomes centered again from the crazy week before. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Currently I am in the Primary, which is where the children ages 4-11 go for class and group time, called Sharing Time. I'm in charge of Singing Time so I get to teach them all the songs for the year. It is one of the sweetest and most humbling experiences I've had in life so far. I love that children have no filter and will tell you right away if you have made a mistake. This has happened to me on more than one occasion! We have been working on a particular song the past few weeks titled "As A Child of God" by Janice Kapp Perry. I have been so proud, all the kids have picked up on it so quickly. Many times I have to hold back tears because their sweet voices just warm my soul.

I'm trying to stay focused and work on my research paper that is due in, let's see, 5 days now. I get distracted by the easiest things. Does that happen to anyone else? This is a prime example, I got distracted because I wanted to update this blog. Sheesh. My goal of writing 2 pages a day for my paper has become unbelievable. Why is it that I can sit here, knowing I should start working, but able to shrug it off? I hate being a procrastinator.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 1

This thought came to me last night while I was thinking about everything stressful in my life. Visions of work, school, expensive tooth implants, traffic tickets, bills, and vacations were racing through my head. I decided that I needed to start right then and there realizing all the good things in life. 
This is Day 1. 

I started today a high note, I went to the gym. This is quite the accomplishment saying it was a Saturday morning. The company I work for is doing a Biggest Loser competition at work. I entered because there are a certain 10 pounds that seemed to creep into my life the past few months and now won't leave. I haven't seen the results on the scale but I'm beginning to feel better and that's really what matters right?
I am currently in my last semester at USU working towards my Family Life Studies bachelors' degree. Working full time and going to school full time is no fun. Next Friday I have a research paper due as part of my senior capstone project. It has to be 12-15 pages long, I'm on page 6. I spent close to 2.5 hours working on it earlier, want to know how much I wrote? 2 pages. Yikes. Even though it seemed like a waste of time, it certainly wasn't. I was able to learn more about my Dad in the process. We were comparing adolescents today with those of 50 years ago so he was giving me insight of what it was like for him. He didn't have a checking account until he got married.. oh how the times have changed. I love having moments like these with my Dad. I look forward to the day when I have kids for many reasons, but one of those reasons is to see my Dad play with them.