Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 151

Here is a list of my accomplishments from Saturday - I'm still proud of myself:

  1. Slept in (this was very much needed)
  2. Grocery Shopping
  3. Went to 2 credit unions to pay the bills
  4. Did the dishes
  5. Organized the kitchen
  6. Vacuumed
  7. Cleaned the bedroom
  8. Washed the towels
  9. Washed the rugs
  10. Did all the laundry (except the whites)
  11. Cleaned the bathroom
  12. Organized Eric's stuff
  13. Cleared off our counter ledge which hasn't been cleared since we moved in
  14. Cleaned/Organized my closet
  15. Watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 146

We bought a truck!

I haven't taken any pictures and I tried to find online but none of them did George justice. Yes, I named him George. Don't know why, it just fits.
It's such an awesome feeling knowing we're headed in the right direction. We can know clean up the Jeep, put a For Sale sign in the window and get rid of the car payment. It's going to be so great. 

We also got wind that a family is moving out of the complex we want to move into in Kaysville. I am crossing my fingers and toes that it works out for us. I called and left a message for the manager but haven't heard anything. This is the worst, now knowing if there are any families ahead of us or if we're next in line. I just wish he would call me back. 

Last night I went to a bridal shower for my sister, Amy, who is getting married next week (which I can't believe). It was so much fun and I was laughing hard multiple times. Her roommates threw it all together and they had the yummiest food. There was Olive Garden soup and salad, with thick slices of french bread and delicious homemade desserts. Oh so good. 

Oh yeah, have you heard that it's supposed to hit 100 degrees this weekend? I think I might need to take a siesta to Cherry Hill with the family.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 141

Happy Father's Day! 
Realized that I don't have any pictures of my in-laws Mike and Keith. I'm going to have to work on that. I love all the Dads in my life. They are the best role models to me and Eric and they are all Priesthood holders which is an extra blessing in my life.  

Last week I hiked Bell Canyon twice. Once just to the lake with Mom and Em and then later in the week to the Upper Falls with Zach and cousin Taylor. The first time, we saw a rattle snake. If you look above the black arrow, you can see the body.

The second time we woke up early and made it to the Upper Falls. It was steep and hard (for me) but well worth it. Hopefully Eric and I can go soon.
 Zach & Taylor, picture of an airplane for Dad

 Upper Falls, view of the valley from Upper Falls

Lower Falls

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 138

Went and got my hair done today and I'm very happy.
I went in to get a trim and to do my bangs and walked out with a cut, new bangs, deep conditioner, and a new style to play with. The best part is it's a style that I can do! Yeah!

Last Saturday we had a little shower for Amy to celebrate her upcoming wedding. It was fantastic, well other than it was cold and windy outside so we had to move inside. Sadly these are all the pictures I have. I need to make a promise now to take more on the wedding day.

Monday I went on a hike with Mom and little sister. Little sister almost stepped on a rattle snake, it was amazing and horrifying all at the same time.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 132

Here are pictures from the Dirty Dash. Yup, I'm still talking about it

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 129

Found a place to put my Dirty Dash sticker!

I've already signed up for the Utah Fall Dirty Dash in September and have started a team. We're working on costume ideas, do you have any suggestions?

In other news, it's my sister's wedding shower this Saturday. My little sister and I are throwing her the family shower and I think we're going to have a lot of people there. I am nervous but excited at the same time. I am so happy for her - I hope that this shower exceeds her expectations. We're having quite the feast and I know the company is going to be good.

And now, something that I should have posted a long time ago. 

What we have here is Emily and Eric posing for pictures, well, more like Emily is posing and Eric is just there dealing with it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 126

Ran the Dirty Dash today. Check out a video of it here

It was one of the funnest things that I've ever done and I got it to do with some of my best friends.
Amy found us some great shirts to wear so that she and I could match. The shirts have the Batman logo on the front and it glows in the dark. Pretty awesome.

Right away we covered in mud. It was unbelievable and so funny. I need to figure out a way to carry a camera next time. I'm hoping the website posts pictures soon.

Tomorrow we're headed to Beaver for our niece's blessing. I'm really looking forward to it, for many reasons. It's always great to be around family