Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 359

Wowza, I'm coming up to a year on this blog! When I started this new blog I honestly couldn't imagine life a year from then. I was so stressed out from school and was just wanting to survive the next few months and finish school. Now, I don't have anything going on. My life has become boring which is sad to admit. I might just feel this way right now because it's cold outside and dark so early. I feel like I live in a cave. Summer come quickly please! I need to get some sun, I need to go to Cherry Hill, I want to go to a soccer game or a baseball game! I think it's safe to say I have the winter blues. 

Moving on. Last Thursday I got strep throat. Lucky me. I swear I have got to change something in my life because what I'm doing now isn't working. I have gotten sick way too many times in the last few months. Here's my new strategy:

1. Drink a glass of orange juice EACH day
2. Wash my hands more, especially when eating out
3. Eat a better variety of fruits and vegetables

Any other suggestions? Or how about any vegetables that are worth trying? I'm pretty good when it comes to carrots and broccoli but I need to branch out.

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