Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 277

Remember how my last posted ended with "The End"? I was wrong. 

I got to go back to the doctor the week after I wrote that post because I had yet another episode, this time at work. I felt so bad for those who were there because they were trying to help me but there was no way to communicate. Sheesh. 

I'm now on a new regiment. My doctor thinks that my voice box was reacting to various influences causing it to spasm. This spasm was creating the no breathing issue. So we're now combating it from the top and bottom. Every morning I now take a Prilosec for heartburn and every morning and night I have to rinse out my nose with this salt solution, use a nasal spray and use my ventilator. It's been just great having to do all that twice a day. It was especially fun when we went to St. George and I had to pack all my stuff with me. I have turned one of my purses into a mobile pharmacy. It's slightly ridiculous but it is working. I'm feeling so much better these days. I still have minor hiccups every now and then where I'll be talking and my voice will just shut off but it usually comes back after a minute or so.

Now on to happier times. 
We were in St. George a few weeks ago because Eric and his friends decided to run the St. George Marathon. They all did fantastic and it really motivated me to get my butt back into shape. Nothing has come out of that motivation yet, but one day, one day

I had the great privilege of waking up at the crack of dawn to take them to the buses. I was already slightly annoyed because the boys needed to go to bed early and apparently that meant I had to turn the TV off. So at 9 PM I was left stranded. I wasn't tired, I couldn't watch anything, and I had nowhere to go. Lame
The race had a cool feature where if you paid $2 you could receive updates in a text message for 5 runners. It worked out great because then I had an idea of when everyone would be crossing the finish line. I still ended up sitting at the finish line for a few hours but it was worth it. I love people watching so the time went back quickly.

 Below is a picture of Travis and Kolten making the final dash at the finish line

 Eric crossing the finish line. He had so many people doubt him (including me, yes I'm ashamed to admit it) but he did it. I at least wanted him to try and start it but I wasn't anticipating him actually finishing with an impressive time for a first time marathoner.
 My cute friend Brittanee who was all smiles after the race. I hope that I can be as happy as she was if I ever run a marathon.

It was great being in St. George with friends. I was pretty sympathetic the day of the race, but after awhile I got real tired of Eric and Kolten walking so slow. It was like I was being followed by 2 really old men who were just learning to walk again. 

I also did a race, well, halfway did a race. I had signed up for the Dirty Dash and didn't want to miss out even though I wasn't feeling good. We took Jay and I opted to hang back with him since I knew I was going to be slow too.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day

This one is particularly special to my heart because it will forever remind me that Jay and the Dirty Dash might not be a good mix

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