Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 172 Part 3

Granite Flats 2012

One Saturday morning I decided I had nothing to do so I went and got my hair did
Once a brunette, now a blonde/red head
I love it. I didn't at first, but now I do

 Hike to Timp
This one was a lot harder for me than the ones in the past. I was out of shape and it nearly killed me.

This is the same picture as the one above it but this was taken in 2011. I wanted to compare the snow
 Mama moose and Baby moose

 This is where I said good bye to my group. I decided to not go to the summit and instead meet them at Emerald Lake after they slid down the glacier. It was a hard/easy decision to make. I would have loved to go the summit with them, but I knew that I was too tired. I got to walk the lonely road of loneliness for awhile. But, there were beautiful flowers everywhere that cheered me up

 This little shelter was my saving grace for the thunderstorm that rolled in.....
 Looking at the shack on the summit
 The beginning of the storm, it was around this time that I began to hear thunder. Then I heard it more, and then it was closer.
 After taking this picture a HUGE bolt of lightning stroke. It was amazing/terrifying. I sat wondering how the group was doing now that they were on the summit

Turns out, none of them were electrocuted. James and Emily did feel the electricity and I was told the shack on top was buzzing and popping like a mad scientist's laboratory. I was very glad I hadn't gone to the summit.

They all made it down just fine and had a good ol' time riding the glacier. 
Click here to see "Timpaslidin" made by the fantastic Cam Goold.

 Follow the Goat

 Shared a bed with Emily in the polygamist tent - woke up to find her like this

The last night we were there the weather decided it had had enough and wanted to rain. Lucky for us, the little boys got to wear rain ponchos and look super cute for pictures

"They call me, Mr. Glass"

In other news, we have been dealing with the most fantastic piece of drama. Oh, believe me, I would go on and on about it because it's been a doozy. I have to remind myself that some people are just crazy and it's up to us to get over it. Doesn't mean we have to like them, but we can accept them. I feel that we have a long, hard journey ahead of us but I'm confident that we can get through it. Feels good to get that little piece of frustration off my chest.

Also, we're going to Texas for a little siesta. Yes, the main reason Eric is going is to see Glenn Beck. My main reasons for going are as follows:
1. It gets me out of work
2. We're going to a Rangers baseball game which I'm excited about even if we have the worst seats in the house
3. We're going to Six Flags (I've never been)
4. We're going with some of our best friends so I know I'm going to be laughing a lot
5. I'll be with Eric, which is always a plus

Big downside though - the flight to Dallas. Yuck. I had a hard time flying to California so how am I supposed to stomach going to Dallas? Guess I'll be taking the laptop and watching Chipmunk Adventure or some other Disney movie to keep me happy.

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